Alternate Orange

The year is 2016.  

You are a resident of Alternate Orange.

In 1965 the residents of Alternate Orange banded together and halted the plans for the construction of an interstate highway that would have sliced their city in half, destroyed 400 homes and bulldozed countless businesses and community institutions include community youth and recreation centers.

In an effort to gather stories and engage the local community in the Reverse Archaeology Project our team developed and fictitious narrative  allowing participants of all ages to imagine a present and future had Interstate 280 not cut through their community. This game play took the form of role-playing, scavenger hunts and  creative block building game that will be on display around Orange and the surrounding towns in 2017.

Block Building Game

Below are developmental images of our tabletop block building game. Participants are encouraged to redesign a section of the 280 corridor. The blocks are simple in design so that the community can interpret them with limited obstruction or influence. Do participants build around the highway? Do they rebuild it?

Avatar Sheets

The gallery below features a selection of the Avatar Sheets developed by our team to encourage imaginative role-playing among community members. This questionnaire is designed to encourage participants to think about their town and its future without filters or burdens. The answers are intended to be fun and creative while serving to offer insights into our local collective consciousness.