St. Mary’s Hospital Campus

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Debbie Gallo was born in Orange and lived with her extended family in a two-family home on South Center Street across from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church and St. Mary’s Hospital. Her family and community life centered around Mt. Carmel Church. Her parents were active in the church, she and her siblings attended Mt. Carmel Academy, and the school playground was the church parking lot. She recalled the “old St. Mary’s with the big circular porch … it was a beautiful building, it was probably someone’s home. I remember the nursing school graduations. St. Mary’s had a big property where nothing was built which abutted the church parking lot. We would sometimes cut across that there … they had a huge chestnut tree, and I remember in the fall we would go pick the chestnuts, and we made necklaces or other little things with them.”

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