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I use oracle cards as as a kind of Rorschach test, a projective visioning exercise that invites the viewer to interpret the meaning behind cards that act as prompts. The cards open conversations that are frequently very deep and revealing about issues that are important to the viewer.  For example, one card say “Hope.” I will ask the viewer if there is something in his or her life now that offers hope? We enter into a conversation about hope—whether it exists now in the present, or perhaps its potential to unfold in the future.

I read oracle cards at the Oakwood Community School Block Party on 6/11/16.  My first customers were a brother and sister pair: she was finishing 2nd grade and he was finishing 5th grade.  Her cards: Forgiveness, Victim and Perseverance.  What do these cards mean?

Forgiveness—that’s easy. “I forgive you,” she told her brother, resting her fragile arm on his shoulder. He laughed. “Is that your older brother? ” I asked. “Yes,” she smiled. They can be pretty annoying, I agreed.

The victim card was more perplexing. “What does that mean?” she asked. “Victim means when something bad happens to you, or perhaps there’s been a crime.”

“Oh, I understand,” she nodded. “I felt like a victim when my father was killed. It wasn’t his fault.”  Was he shot? I asked. “Yes.” Her brother put his hand on her shoulder.

Perseverance.  I started to explain what it meant when she interrupted. “That means push-on.” Yes, exactly, I agreed. “I know what that means because when I started at school, it was really hard, but I pushed on.”

The brother’s cards were recovery, joy and faith.

He didn’t know what to think about recovery.  The little sister volunteered: “That’s me! I recovered from the flu.” How about you? I asked the boy. Do you think recovery connects to your father’s death? “No, we have a different father,” he clarified.  “I was hit hard when my grandmother died,” he offered. “She and I were really close.” “Do you feel like you’ve recovered or you’re still recovering,” I asked. “Recovered. It was a year ago.”

Joy—the meaning was obvious. “I smile a lot. I bring joy to people, ” he explained.

Faith— was also clear. “I believe in a better future.”

We chose an additional clarifying card. “Enlightenment.” This means gaining an understanding, I explained. “He wants to be in the MBA,” his sister volunteered. “So perhaps enlightenment for you comes when you learn what it takes to get into the MBA!” He nodded in agreement.

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